No Accountability

The US justice department says it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs for financial fraud. Five years after the start of the United States’ worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, why is no one being held accountable?

“It’s another milestone in a sad story that we know all too well. We now have enterprises that are so big, so rich, that are so generous with their political contribution to both parties that when they get themselves into trouble, when they drag a whole economy into a fundamental crisis, we not only avoid punishing them for all that they have done, but we bail them out with billions or trillions of dollars to get them back on their feet … it could not be a more graphic description of who in the end controls the political economy of the US and who pretends to on the other side.”

Richard Wolff, the author of Capitalism Hits the Fan: the Global Economic Meltdown and What to do About it