Bar Tracks

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An easy and effective app to track tips and tips vs. sales rates.

Those of you in the service industry understand it can be difficult to know how much you’re making and how well you’re doing. Bar Tracks, originally conceived by a bar tender, enables you to enter your tips and sales on a daily basis. You can also add or edit dates as needed.

It’s very simple to use while delivering the information you want! Simply tap on the “+” button to add a new shift or day. The new entry will default to today’s date. Enter your tips in “My tips”, and if larger (because you’re splitting tips), enter the totals tips in “All tips”, otherwise skip “All tips” – it will automatically be filled with the value put in “My tips”. And, finally, enter the totals sales for your shift. You can enter multiple shifts for the same day in case you’re working doubles.

Tap on any day or shift and Bar Tracks will present you with the week and month’s tips for the date or shift selected and graph your tip rate and tip income over that period of time.

Tap a new date or shift on the iPad or swipe left or right on the iPhone to navigate through all the dates or shifts and view the corresponding information.

That’s it! Simple, yet informative.


As of version 1.1 of Bar Tracks and iOS 6, the app leverages Apple’s iCloud to synchronize your data across all your iOS devices. There is now an iCloud button available to configure your iCloud settings.

If you’re device is logged in with an iCloud account, tapping the Enable iCloud switch will allow you to enable iCloud synchronizing. By default, this setting is YES. You must set it to NO to disable iCloud synchronization. Enabling synchronization makes the app use the planner’s iCloud data, initializing the data if it doesn’t already exist.

However, there is more you can do from the iCloud view! The following buttons are also available:

Delete iCloud: This button WILL DELETE your iCloud data! Removing it from all your other devices as well.

(arrow points left): This button will copy your iCloud data to the device and disable iCloud synchronization. It does NOT DELETE your iCloud data – it leaves it intact. However, Bar Tracks on this device will no longer stay in sync with the iCloud data. You can re-enable iCloud synchronization by tapping the Enable iCloud switch.

(arrow points right): This button will copy your device data to the iCloud, OVERWRITING existing iCloud data, if any, and enable iCloud synchronization.

: This button disables iCloud synchronization. It is the same as tapping the Enable iCloud button at the top when setting it to “No”.

: This button will enable iCloud synchronization. It is the same as tapping the Enable iCloud button at the top when setting it to “Yes”.

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