Collection 360

Collection 360An interactive collection app that enables 360 degree viewing and hi-rez zooming of collection objects.

Use this app on your iPad(s) as a kiosk or guided tours in your museums or visitor centers. It’s perfect for providing an immersed collection experience without handling the precious objects directly.

NOTE: This app is intended for Museums or private collectors. The collection content must be prepared, packaged and delivered separately. Therefore, this app has no content on initial install. The content is not usually available to the general public, unless the collection owner chooses to publish it.

Skilled professionals like graphics designer,  exhibit designer,  photographer with special equipment, and app developer are required in order to  design your collection style, create the content copy,  capture the 360 degrees and hi resolution photos of your objects, and integrate it all as a package for the Collection 360 app.

Please contact Montiel Mobile, LLC, Ganymede Design, Inc. or Craig Smith Photography in Phoenix, Arizona to begin to prepare your collection as content for this app.

John Montiel – Montiel Mobile, LLC
Kevin Winters – Ganymede Design, Inc.
Craig Smith – Craig Smith Photography (602) 284-4753

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