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The M7 Planner is a powerful, yet easy to use time management tool for EVERYONE! Initially conceptualized as an organizational aid for an ADHD child, the app’s simplicity and effectiveness can help everyone.

The premise is that better time management is achieved when one’s daily tasks are goal and commitment oriented. That is to say, one should prioritize and plan their daily activities based on their uniquely individual goals and commitments. Therefore, to get started – and this is probably the most important step – one first identifies their goals and prioritizes them. Then on a daily basis, one journals their interactions with others, especially projects and commitments made by and to others. Tasks are then identified from these journal entries and associated with a supporting goal.

The M7 Planner interface implements this process mainly through these three concepts; Goals, Journals and Planner.


Goals are important to YOU and represent what you want to achieve. They are more broad or general, try not to get detailed or specific. A good rule of thumb is three to seven goals, but it’s completely up to you. Prioritize them from the most important, priority 1, to the least, priority 9.


Use the Journal as you would a diary. However, you’ll also include commitments you’ve made to yourself or others, or others have made to you – personal, school or work projects.

Enter your journal entries on the day the commitment was made. Include as much detail as necessary – names, places, dates and deliverables.

Tasks are rooted in your commitments, whatever they may be. Therefore, you add new tasks () to your planner from your journal entries. Tasks will primarily support one of your goals, so a supporting goal is also selected when adding new tasks, and optionally, a due date.


Take 10 to 15 minutes to plan your day – review your tasks and corresponding due dates. Determine a reasonable amount of activity for the day from the listed tasks. Forward tasks to future dates that exceed that daily threshold, are lower priority and/or have more distant due dates. Tasks will be presented in priority order, from the most important to the least, based on the supporting goal.

Don’t just forward tasks to tomorrow! That will create a bow wave of ever increasing tasks and stress. Use this planning period to distribute the tasks you intend to forward. Besides, the planner will automatically present past uncompleted tasks in the current day’s task list.

Update the tasks’ detail and mark them as started (), completed () or
forward () them throughout the day as appropriate as you engage in your daily activities. You will find that your planning sessions will become a daily habit and only take about 5 minutes.

You update a task status by tapping on the status icon, which opens a slider of available task statuses and “cancel” to select from. Tapping on the started or completed icon simply updates the tasks status correspondingly. Tapping on the forward icon will present a new view to select an appropriate date to forward to.


As of version 1.3 of the M7 Planner and iOS 6, the app leverages Apple’s iCloud to synchronize your planner data across all your iOS devices. There is now an iCloud bar button available to configure your iCloud settings.

If you’re device is logged in with an iCloud account, tapping the Enable iCloud switch will allow you to enable iCloud synchronizing. By default, this setting is NO. You must set it to YES to enable iCloud synchronization. Enabling synchronization makes the app use the planner’s iCloud data, initializing the data if it doesn’t already exist.

However, there is more you can do from the iCloud view! The following buttons are also available:

Delete iCloud: This button WILL DELETE your planner’s iCloud data! Removing it from all your other devices as well.

(arrow points left): This button will copy your planner’s iCloud data to the device and disable iCloud synchronization. It does NOT DELETE your planner’s iCloud data – it leaves it intact. However, the planner on this device will no longer stay in sync with the iCloud data. You can re-enable iCloud synchronization by tapping the Enable iCloud switch.

(arrow points right): This button will copy your planner’s device data to the iCloud, OVERWRITING existing iCloud data, if any, and enable iCloud synchronization.

: This button disables iCloud synchronization. It is the same as tapping the Enable iCloud button at the top when setting it to “No”.

: This button will enable iCloud synchronization. It is the same as tapping the Enable iCloud button at the top when setting it to “Yes”.

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